Tightening Your Bolts and Nuts with Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Looking for a hydraulic torque wrench? G&C Bolting Services is an excellent place to go.

We have numerous other power tools to match your various needs. A hydraulic torque wrench is an excellent tool that is both quiet and lightweight. It’s also safe, accurate, powerful, and reliable and comes in three different types namely: the LP Series, the T-Series and the Super-thin (BOP) Series.

hydraulic torque wrench

The T-Series is powerful enough in which it will deliver precise performance given even the hardest conditions. This particular product will last longer and it has been designed to be stronger. The LP Series is a low-profile wrench and it is excellent for tight spaces. Even though you are able to get this into smaller spaces you don’t lose any power. This particular tool tends to last longer than the competitors. The ST Series is excellent for when the space you are working with is very limited. This would be why the ST stands for Super Thin. This has the smallest link radius which is available. It will give you accurate and repeatable torque all the time. With all three of these models the torque values will vary. These are considered the best torque wrench.

We offer a wide variety of products for all of your needs. We are a leading renter of electric, hydraulic, pneumatic torque wrenches, high end bolting answers, and hydraulic tensions.
When you purchase our products you will receive a five-year warranty. You can also take our training in safety and operations. All of the tools we offer are all manufactured in the USA. You will also receive calibration on the tools which you purchase.

When you have any questions then feel free to ask us. We take pride in offering excellent customer service. We even offer customer support 24/7. We can even help you determine which product you will need for that specific job you are going to do. We will go over and above to make sure that your experience with G&C Bolting Services is a pleasant one.

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