G&C Bolting’s Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners and Bolt Tensioning Equipment for Rent

Hydraulic bolt tensioners

G&C Bolting Services stocks an amazing collection of innovative Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning and Tightening Tools for sale and for rent in Texas and Louisiana. This ranges from controlled bolting tooling solutions to flange working equipment, including bolting software and portable machines.

Bolt tensioning equipment for rent by G&C Bolting Services is suitable for a wide variety of industries such as construction, chemical. Oil and Gas and engineering. Whether you’re seeking high bolt tensioners, or you need an option when there is no power available with our hand tensioner, G&C Bolting Services has the perfect tool/equipment for you.

We have tremendous expertise in the bolting industry and we guarantee unrivaled and cutting-edge bolt tensioners can solve any bolting challenge you face. Buy, rent, or get in touch today for more information.

Boltight Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning and Tightening Tools will handle the vast majority of bolt tightening work. Benefiting from state of the art design concepts and incorporating the latest technology composite material seals, Boltight Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners will operate quickly and safely to achieve high residual bolt stresses. The tools are lightweight, compact and easy to use with a focus on safe operation and product quality. We also supply a range of pumps to suit different bolt tensioning applications, including air driven power packs and electric pumps